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How to find your blind spots

You probably aren't qualified to dissect your own failures because you're the idiot who screwed everything up.


Maybe just use Rails

The four million things you need to figure out when assembling your own tech stack.

No distribution, no dice

You should be putting at least as much emphasis on early distribution as early product.

Why is selling software so weird?

Building software looks a lot like building a house, but selling the two couldn't be more different.you

Dreams and risks

In order to get investors and other employees on board, it pays to be clear-headed about the exact ways in which you're delusional.

How to find founder/market fit

You don't have to fight fair when starting a company: choose a customer base where you already have a leg up.

The fabled grand slam project

At a certain point in your career, "doing what you're told" goes from being an asset to a liability.

For low motivation days

How to get things done when your browser keeps navigating itself to Hacker News.

Be the team crier

If you close an issue but not one else notices, does it really make a sound?